The full of colors festival – HOLI…

One of the major festivals of India – Holi is one of the most ancient festivals in India. It was originally named as ‘Holika’. It is celebrated in most of the parts of the country. Holi Festival is really so unique and special and the most full of fun festival of Hindus.


 The celebrations of the festival go on for about a week in Mathura Vrindavan. One of the unique features of the festival here is that different temples of Lord Krishna celebrate Holi on different days. It is interesting as well as amazing, to watch devotees at the Banke-Bihari Temple of Vrindavan. The environment is filled with a unique thrill, with people passionately chanting the name of Lord Krishna and Radha.

 It’s an occasion that brings us pure joy of life, music, fun, lots of Hulla Gulla and of course, tons of dazzling colors! Every year it is celebrated on the day after moon in March and glorifies good harvest and fertility of the land. It’s is also time for spring harvest. It’s the time when friends, family are all together during Holi, practice, which at other times could be offensive, are allowed. Squeezing colored water on passers’-by, dunking friends in mud pool, getting intoxicated on bhaang and reveling with companions is perfectly acceptable. On the occasion ofHoli, you can get away with almost anything by saying, “DON’T MIND, its HOLI!”  (In Hindi – Bura Na Mano, HoliHai).

After a celebration and exciting day, the evening spent in get together, when people meet relatives and friends and exchanges sweets, festival greeting, chocolates, flowers etc…


Send flowers India for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day seems to be the day that all couples and buddy really look forward to. It’s certainly a day to celebrate the joy of togetherness and timeless feeling called love.



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This Year -2013- Valentine’s Day week will start from:

Thursday, February 7 that will be the Rose Day.

Propose Day is on Friday, February 8.

Chocolate Day is on Saturday, February 9

Teddy Day is on Sunday, February 10.

Promise Day is on Monday, February 11.

Hug Day is on Tuesday, February 12.

Kiss Day is on Wednesday, February 13,

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on Thursday, February 14.




Fresh flowers are the essence of romance. No doubt flower’s’ timeless appeal make them an easy choice. Nowadays it’s even easier to have fresh flowers at hand, since you can buy and send flowers online via

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Flowers Care Tips


Flowers Care Tips

Send Flowers Online in India

Flowers require specific types of care in regards to amounts of water, need for fertilizer etc … Tips by you can keep your flowers fresh and long lasting, change or add water daily. Re-Cut the end of flower stem under flower. You may also add a floral preservative to maximize the freshness and life of your flowers. Keep your flowers in comfortable room temperature, proper watering. Give them proper Air temperature, Water, Re-potting, Fertilizing. With this proper care flowers are expected to last for approximately 4-5 days. But due to the perishable nature we cannot give the Guarantee for life of the flowers. Tips by

Just a little extra care or extra effort can make a big difference. We have mentioned below some specific tips to keep your flowers looking beautiful:  Flowers Care Tips by

Most floral arrangements last from 4 to 7 days, depending on the type of flowers used and the type of care they receive.

For floral arrangements: Keep the vase filled or floral foam soaked with water containing a flower food. If the flower food solution becomes cloudy, replace it entirely. If possible, recut stems by removing one to two inches with a sharp knife. Use warm water when adding water to the vase or refilling it.  Flowers Care Tips by

Keep flowers in a cool spot (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit), away from direct sunlight. Avoid heating or cooling vents, areas directly under ceiling fans, or on top of televisions or radiators. Appliances such as televisions and radiators give off heat, causing the flowers to quickly dehydrate. Flowers Care Tips by

For boxed flowers or loose wrapped bunches: If you can’t get your flowers into a water and flower food solution right away, keep them in a cool place. Fill a clean, deep vase with water and add the flower food, following the directions on the package.

For all arrangements: Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline. Leaves in the water will promote bacterial growth, causing the flowers to wilt quickly.  Flowers Care Tips by

The Language of Flowers – The color of Flowers !

Send Flowers and Roses – But what first know what color of roses or flowers to send….via

Every flowers has own story of colors, flowers are a symbol of precious and pure emotions we feel for the one we love. The colors of flowers are also a long-honored tradition in almost every way of life. The following is a list of common colors that are linked with a diversity of flowers.

The Color of Flowers...

Send Flowers and Roses to India Online

RED  Color  Magic…

Send Roses to India

Red Color Magic

Red is the hallmark of Love and is filled with love, desire, and passion. A red color of flower can be a symbol of desire, lust, devotion, and beauty and being associated with heart. The red color flower is also often related to heat, fire, and strength. Red color flower make a more pleasant ambiance and add romance and richness. Send Red Roses to India, Send Red Flowers to india  via

PINK  color  magic…

Pink Color Magic

Pink Color Magic

Pink is the color of little girls, of the Barbie doll, it’s the nicest and pink flowers bring calmness to your life and fill your heart with Love. The pink flower can be a sign of a teasing interest, grace, gentility, and happiness. It is often a more humble gesture than that of an eye-catching red flower, offering charisma of mystery to the recipient as to the intentions of the giving party. Pink also may represent joy, youthfulness, purity and innocence. Send Pink Roses to India, Send Pink Flowers to India via

ORANGE  color  magic…

Orange color magic

Orange color magic

Orange is a showy and vibrating color, expressing the energy and warmth of red, combined with the happiness. Orange flowers can be a sign of energy, happiness, creativity, confidence, stimulation and pride. An orange flower is a bold statement of color and vivacity. Often associated with the sun, a bouquet that contains orange flowers brings thoughts of passion for life, satisfaction, and also gives an air of confidence. Send Orange Roses to India, Send Orange Flowers to India via

YELLOW  color  magic…

Yellow color magic

Yellow color magic

The yellow color is the supreme symbol of sunshine. It brings happiness, optimism, friendship and joy, producing an effect of warmth and energy and simply make people smile. It is the color of friendship, joy, and cheerfulness. New beginnings like the start of spring are associated with the beauty of yellow flowers. Warm and bright, this color also is a perfect way to add brilliance to any bouquet or arrangement. It is often a more is an attention grabber, the promise of a bright future, associated with joy and freshness.  Send Yellow Roses to India, Send Yellow Flowers to India via

BLUE  color  magic…

Blue color magic

Blue color magic

Blue are an unusual color for flowers and the color of the intellect, coolness and spirituality. Blue flowers represent tranquility and harmony and express mystery and importance and give a sense of stability, confidence, honesty and security. True blue flowers are difficult and often expensive to come by.  Send Blue Roses to India, Send Blue Flowers to India via

GREEN  color  magic…

Green color magic

Green color magic

Traditionally – the color green represents health, good fortune and youth and green flowers send message of optimism and renewal. The green colored flowers are said to bring good fortune, with emerald leaves, apple-tinted blossoms and chartreuse stems representing a zest that’s associated with harmony and stability.  Send Green Flowers to India via

WHITE  color  magic…

White color magic

White color magic

The color of the circle of life and are the perfect symbol of innocence and purity, conveying a touch of heaven and beauty. White color of flower is used on significant occasions, such as at birth, conveying innocence, truth in love, purity of union and serenity at death. White flowers represent peace and purity, and if they are given as a gift they are a gesture of respect and when words are not enough.  Send White Roses to India, Send White Flowers to India via

PURPLE  color  magic…

Purple color magic

Purple color magic

Purple flowers are mysterious and stylishness color, it’s both hot and cold at the same and often considered the most delicate and precious. Their soft color gently pulses with mystery. Purple flowers symbolize charm, grace, elegance, and fine-tuning. Their otherworldly qualities also represent creativity. Purple flowers can make a strong romantic impression. A beautiful Purple arrangement can be a sign of an important transition. Purple flowers are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world.  Send Purple Roses to India, Send Purple Flowers to India via

Other colors

They are associated to nature, fall and the earth. Other color of flowers offers a sense of calm, dignity, serenity, purity, youthful excitement, kindheartedness, royalty, pride, success and innocence.  So next time when you choose a bouquet for a friend or a loved one, say much more through the beautiful use of color.

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